Monday, June 1, 2015

Beautiful Peacock

This mixed media page was fun to make. Let's start with the background. I mixed gesso and grey acrylic paint together and stamped the image on the page. I then used water down acrylic paint in blue and bright green and painted over the stamped image. I drew the peacock on some white card stock and then added it to the page. I used blue, green, yellow, pink and purple acrylic paints for the peacocks feathers. Finishing touches were doodling feathers, using a checkered pattern stamp and a white Sharpie marker. 

I created this page for the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #13 "A Year of Choices."
I selected the theme, "Birds of a Feather." Do Peacocks have wings? Yes they do. They are excellent fliers with beautiful wings. Their beautiful tail is held straight back when they fly.
Some would say peacocks only have 1 feather, they would be wrong! A peacock can hold up to 30 small feathers or 4 HUGE ones but 20 medium or average size feathers. The way peacocks spread they're tail/feathers it can look like just a single feather.


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