Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Craft Tip #8: Sharpening Punches

Punched out shapes are excellent additions to your stamped art. Ornaments and embellishments can be used for accents, and are especially eye-catching when cut from metallic paper, brightly contrasting colored paper or paper that has been inked and heat embossed with sparkle powder. The corners of cards or layers can be rounded or punched to add elegance.

I know we've seen at least one of these ideas, but here are a couple of new ones: Punch through waxed paper several times to lubricate the blades. When the cuts from the punch are no longer as clean, punch through very fine sandpaper several times to sharpen the blades. If the punch is sticking or tearing the paper, you can also punch through aluminum foil in addition to the waxed paper and sandpaper.

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