Monday, October 5, 2015


This journal page was created for the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge. This journal page was inspired by the unique and creative inspirational "Word Search" puzzle! We need to make a project based on any of the "spooky" words we found.
Based on the word search puzzle I located the following words: Bat, Witch, Black cat, Moon, Cauldron and Purple. From here I had some ideas!  
Do you see the "spooky" words in my layout?
  This page was created by first coming up with a cohesive concept. 
 I first drew my sketch on my blank journal page.  Next, I used several mixed media mediums;  acrylic paint, then used pearl essence paint through a stencil, created bubbles in the cauldron with white puffer paint and then lightly rubbed the tops of the bubbles with green metal paint. Do you see the "words" in my art? 

Excited to hear!

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