Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ombre Odyssey

Today’s journal page shows you how to create an ombre effect with the fantastic range of Kaleidacolor ink pads by Imagine. Ombre is an effect which has been making appearances in home décor and papercrafts. Ombre means graduated shades of color. The Kaleidacolor pad is a perfect tool to achieve this technique.
Time: 1 hour + dry time
Level: Beginner to Intermediate  


Step 1
Place your chevron stencil over your blank journal page. Take your VersaMark and trace inside the stencil pattern. While the VersaMark is still wet sprinkle on the gold embossing powder and heat set. Tip: Emboss three rows at a time to prevent the ink from drying out.   Repeat this process until the journal page is covered. 

Step 2
Press the open Kaleidacolor Blue Breeze dye inkpad on a craft mat and spritz with water.  Apply the ink with a wet paint brush from top to bottom (light to dark).

Step 3
To create the bird’s nest; use a thick and thin permanent black marker. Write the word, ‘Nest’ in a circle in the lower right corner.  Add the darkest shade of ink with a paint brush from the Kaleidacolor Blue Breeze diluted ink to the center of the bird’s nest. This dark color will give the nest some depth. Draw with a pencil a vine and some leaves.  Apply Creative Medium Metallic Bronze with a palette knife to the vine and leaves outline.

Step 4
From old music paper cut out different sizes of leaf shapes. Arrange the leaf shapes on top of the wet Creative Medium.  In the center of the leaves draw swirls with a thin permanent black marker.
Step 5
Print off the computer a bird silhouette. Place the bird silhouette on top of a piece of cork.  Using the bird silhouette as your template cut out the main shape of the bird’s body.  Don’t cut off the feet from the silhouette. Adhere your bird silhouette to the back side of the cork as shown in the photo above. Adhere the bird to the center of the birds nest.
Step 6
Add the sentiment. Add dots and doodles with the Morocco irRESISTible Pico Embellisher. Shade around the leaves, sentiment and edges with black pitt pen.
Imagine Crafts featuring Tsukineko:

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