Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Folded Tree Tag

I doesn't get any easier or faster than this to make a Holiday Tag!

I have seen this project made before with fabric for a cute holiday napkin. So, immediately I thought of paper. To make the tree cut a half circle of double sided paper. The size of the circle will vary depending on how big you want your finish tree to be. Then it is folded back and forth to make the tree. I stamped the background with snowflakes in Versa Mark and sponged the edge of the tag. Punch out a small star from yellow cardstock and add ribbon.

Fold the napkin along the line from Point A to Point B forming a Christmas tree shaped triangle. Lay the triangle on top of the rest of the paper.

Mark point C on the edge so that it lines up with the fold and Point A. Fold the paper so the remaining part of the fold triangles already made. (figure 4)

Continue making Christmas tree triangular accordion folds on the rest of the paper. Make the folds backwards and then forwards so an accordion or fan is created.


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