Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Craft Tip #3: Liquid Applique

Today I will provide you with some tips and ideas using a product called liquid applique. If you have not never worked with it, let me tell you will become addicted.

Liquid applique can help emphasize a certain area of a shape or picture, such as the center of a flower or the candles on a birthday cake. You can color your liquid applique with ink to enhance an element of your projects. Extra fine glitter can be added to the liquid applique for extra sparkle. Liquid applique comes in different colors. If you are planing to mail your project put clear embossing powder on the liquid applique before heating it. This will make it hard so it will not flatten in the mail.

Here is a card I did using liquid applique.

Click here for a printable handout about liquid applique. Must have a Google account to access handout.

This week, I challenge you to make your project using a little bit of liquid applique. Create some snow, the look of fur or wool or anything else that would work with liquid applique somewhere on your project!

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